WDGOP Slogan for 2017

Local taxes have increased an average of +5.0% for the last two years that the WD Democrat party had 3-2 majority. When they had full control (5-0, as they have now in 2017) WD local taxes increased avg. 6.0% from 1992-2010.    

Ron Jaworski Redevelopment Enterprises – Riverwinds Redeveloper

Attend March 3rd meeting. Township meeting indicates that township committee have selected Jaworski as the redeveloper at Riverwinds. Check out info on the Minority Report   https://www.facebook.com/The-Minority-Report-of-West-Deptford-304250546451540/?ref=hl    

IMPORTANT Township Meeting – 3/03/16 7pm

The first township meeting of the month of March has been changed from the normal Wed. night to Thur. Reason for changed is unknown. So, it is important to attend. Thursday night, 7 PM, March 3, 2016.